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Privacy Policy

SIA “MK Systems” respects the privacy of every individual who visits the website. This policy explains what information can be received and stored by SIA Big Wall, as well as how that information can be used. We ask you to read the following information carefully, to understand our views and practices in regards to your personal data and how we process it.

1. Data protection

We can obtain and process the following data about you:

  • Information that you provide by filling out our forms on the website. That includes information that was provided during creation of the profile to use our website, subscribing to our service, mail materials or requesting further services.
  • If you contact us, we can save information about our correspondence with you.

2. IP addresses and cookies

In some cases we can obtain information about you which is not personally identifiable.

Examples of such information can include your IP address, the internet browser you use, your computer’s operating system, and network domain name, from which you have connected to our website or advertisement.

This can also be statistical data about our users’ browsing actions and models, and is not associated with a particular individual. For the same reason when you are viewing the website, we can store part of the information about your computer. This information will be stored as cookies or similar file type and will help us in several ways. For example, cookies allow us to configure network website or advertisement to better adjust it to your interests and preferences. Most of web-browsers have an option to erase cookies from your computer’s hard drive, block them or receive notifications before cookies are stored.

3. Use of cookies

SIA “MK Systems” website can use cookies and other technologies, such as website beacons and pixel markings.

Cookies are information row, which contains only text that is sent by our servers to your web-browser’s cookie file on your computer’s hard drive. That allows our website to remember who you are and when the link between the website’s server and your web-browser had been made. The main goal of Cookies is to identify users and allow our website server to provide you with adjusted website pages, so in result SIA “MK Systems” website pages are more personal to you and better suit your needs.

Another reason SIA “MK Systems” and our partners use cookies and other technologies are to remember personal information when you use our website, programs and online services. It happens, for example, when our servers store information that you have specified on the website. There are two types of cookie files that are used on this website:

  • Session cookies: these are temporary cookies that are saved in your web-browser’s cookie file until you leave our website. The cookie will disappear if you don’t visit our website for some time.
  • Persistent cookies: this type of cookies remains in your web-browser’s cookie file for a longer time. Time depends on the choice you made upon installation or configuration of your web-browser software. Persistent cookies allow providing information to website server every time you visit the website. Persistent cookies are also known as tracking cookies. These cookies can store, for example, but not only, website language settings, to remember which language to use when a user visits a website again.

4. Third party cookies

SIA “MK Systems” can, at any time, use third parties - advertisement services, analytics of visitor flow and other services, to ensure advertising and track our communication with website’s users. Third parties can use cookies, to evaluate advertising efficiency and personalize advertisement content. Information that can be obtained by third parties can include data about geographical location or contact information (e.g. e-mail address).

5. Cookie permission and blocking

You can allow or block cookies by changing your web-browsers preferences. Please see your web-browser’s instructions to get information about how to change your web-browsers preferences.

Please note that certain SIA “MK Systems” website features will not be available if cookies are blocked.

6. Contact us

If you have any questions, comments and requests regarding this privacy policy or you wish to erase cookie data that you have provided to our website servers, please contact us:

SIA “MK Systems”

Legal address: Maskavas Street 266 k-3 - 14, Riga, Latvia, LV-1063

Store / office address:  Maskavas Street 82, Riga, Latvia, LV-1063

Phone number: +371 27778818