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Warranty and Returns


1. All the goods, purchased in online shop, have manufacturer warranty.

2. Warranty period for goods, defined by manufacturer, is various, it can last up to five years long. 

3. Information on warranty period of manufacture for a particular commodity can be asked for Customer Consultant. 

4. In cases, when manufacturer will define for some commodity the warranty period that is shorter than two years, consumer has the rights during two years from purchase moment to file a claim on the commodity lack of conformity to the Agreement rules. 

5. The rights to declare the claim are valid, if the commodity was used only in prescribed circumstances and only for household needs. 

6. Legal persons, who are not the Consumer, are provided only with warranty period, defined by the Manufacturer. 

7. We inform that provisions of manufacturer warranty are valid, if consumer can present: 

7.1. document that testifies purchase (cheque, bill);

7.2. warranty card of manufacturer or distributor (in case, if manufacturer or distributor has included it in commodity listing).

7.3. Information about the certified manufacturer's service centers can be found at:

  • Manufacturer or distributor warranty card,
  • By calling the manufacturer's representative office or the distributor indicated on the packaging of the product,
  • By sending an e-mail:,
  • Calling SIA "MK Systems" on phone +371 27778818.

8. We inform that warranty provisions are not ascribed to extra utensils of.

9. Provisions of manufacturer warranty are not valid towards damages, which emerged due fault of consumer or user:

9.1. commodity has damages of warranty seals, series numbers; 

9.2. the commodity is not used for prescribed needs and is not maintained in the way, indicated in manual of commodity usage; 

9.3. scratched, broken constructions, poured water into unsuitable places, commodity, which is maintained with improper means, if inappropriate objects are found in the commodity, insect entry is permitted inside into the commodity or some other evidence that testify inappropriate maintenance of the commodity; 

9.4. if damage emerged due power voltage, telecommunications, non-conformity of cable nets for standards, prescribed by the manufacturer, quick temperature fluctuations, as well as other household and external factors, for example, soot, smoke, dust, moisture, blows, scrapes; 

9.5. if evidence of nonprofessional repairs can be noticed; 

9.6. in cases of natural depreciation of elements;

9.7. if nonstandard power packs, accessories/utensils and spare parts, as well as raw materials, which were not certified by the manufacturer for usage of a particular commodity are applied, and if it caused damages of this commodity; 

9.8. warranty is not adjusted for extra equipment;

9.9. if consumer has used the commodity for production of professional means (in case, if the particular commodity is not prescribed for such means);

9.10. warranty is not valid, if damages emerged in the result of improper commodity transportation.

10. In case, if commodity is out of order, consumer has the following options:
10.1. Go to the service center indicated on the manufacturer's or dealer's warranty card (along with a proof of purchase and a guarantee voucher) - we recommend the fastest way to prevent damage to the product,

10.2. To come in Riga, Maskavas Street 82, business days from 9.00 a.m. till 6 p.m. (taking document that testifies the purchase and warranty check, if there is such);

10.3. To phones 20493867, 26498048, where will answer employee and will advise the best solution. 

11. In the event that the warranty service is invalid, but the buyer refuses to pay the repair, the buyer must cover the diagnostic costs and the buyer receives the service center's finding of the damage detected. If the buyer agrees to pay for repairs, then the diagnostic costs do not have to be covered.

We remind that consumers in a time period of 24 months from the day of commodity delivery have the rights, prescribed in the law, to declare the claim on commodity that does not conform to the Agreement rules.


Returns Policy

I Returns Policy:

1. You have 14 (fourteen) days to cancel this contract without stating a reason.

2. Returns policy will end after 14 days, starting from the day, when you or a 3rd party that you have specified, have received the item. This 3rd party is not a carrier or manager.

3. In order to use this return policy, you have to inform us, SIA "MK Systems", legal address: Riga, Maskavas Street 266 k-3 - 14, LV-1063, phones: 20493867, 26498048, e-mail:

4. To comply with Returns policy expiry date, you can send the form of this contract termination before the expiry date.

II Consequences of Item Return

5. If you cancel this contract, we will refund all received payments that include payments for delivery (except extra costs that are charged for shipping method that is not our cheapest standard shipping method) no later than 14 days from the day you have informed us about your decision to cancel this contract.

6. You have to return the item at office, Riga, Maskavas Street 266 k-3 - 14, LV-1063, without ungrounded delay and no later than within 14 days from the day you have notified us about termination of this contract. The deadline is met if you return the item to our office address at Riga, Maskavas Street 266 k-3 - 14, LV-1063, within the 14 days of return deadline. Please keep in mind that the SIA "MK Systems" will not accept returns that have been shipped via post office, because both parties cannot be present to check the items condition and/or if the item is missing part of its set when accepting the returned item. If you return the item via carrier to the SIA "MK Systems" office, you agree to visual condition and acquisition of item, unilaterally stated by the SIA "MK Systems" at the time of item collection. Any complaints, that the received commodity is not received by us in the condition as you have shipped it, will not be valid and will hold no ground. This is why we recommend to deliver the item to us personally by your presence at Maskavas Street 82, Riga, Latvia.

7. You will have to cover all direct costs and fees of returning item/s. Maximum costs can be amounted up to 50 EUR.

8. You are responsible for the loss of value of the item if you have used the item for other purposes than ascertaining the nature, characteristics and functionality.

 9. Within return deadline, you can apply the item as far as it is necessary for the verification of item nature, characteristics and functionality. Applying returns policy, you are responsible for the item application that exceeds prescribed purpose of item nature, characteristics and functionality verification. You are responsible for such item application within return deadline that cannot be associated with the goodwill principle, as well as for the decrease of item value, quality and safety.

10. You are responsible for the preservation of the product quality and safety while the Return Policy is active.

11. Except the instances that are stated in Paragraph 12 of this document, you can use the Return Policy and cancel this contract unilaterally, returning the item within 14 days of purchase. You will also have to cover expenses of:

11.1. item delivery that is not the cheapest standard shipping method offered by SIA "MK SYSTEMS";

11.2. direct costs of item return, except the cases, when the SIA "MK SYSTEMS" has agreed to cover these costs or has not informed that You have to cover the costs;

11.3. decrease of item value, if the item was used for another purpose than for clarification of item nature, characteristics and functionality that is attested by the diagnostics performed in authorised service of item manufacturer. You are not responsible for item value decrease, if the SIA "MK SYSTEMS" did not inform you on Returns Policy in the order, prescribed in the laws and regulations of consumer rights protection;

III Consumer cannot Apply Returns Policy:

12. In cases, prescribed in Clause 22 of the regulation No.255 “Regulations on Distance Contract” of Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia of 20 May, 2014, including, if:

  • The item price is dependent on finance market fluctuations which the Vendor cannot control and which can arise during Returns Policy;
  • The items are manufactured in accordance with the consumer indications or they are unequivocally personalized;
  • The item due its characteristics after the delivery will mix irreversibly with other items;
  • Consumer has requested for the Vendor or Service Provider to arrive and perform urgent repairs or maintenance works. If the Vendor or Service Provider provides additional service or deliver the items that are not the necessary spare parts in order to perform repairs or maintenance works, Returns Policy is applied for aforementioned additional services or items;

13. Internet shop do not keep copies of purchase contract.

14. In order to correct input mistakes which appeared during order, please, contact with us send an e-mail:

15. Item images and colours, seen in the internet shop, can vary from offered item. In order to clarify or specify item description or prevent uncertainties related with its order, we request to communicate with, sending an e-mail:, in order to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings.

18. The SIA "MK SYSTEMS" informs that in case of establishing value decrease of returned item, it will address at the court with the claim statement on coverage of losses, arising in the SIA "MK SYSTEMS" due consumer action.

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